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Hi. I'm just a buy and hold small private investor. I find your newsletter very useful and , from my personal experience, better than few payed ones...much better.

Cheers from Helsinki.

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Decided to short Vale, eh? They have a base metal segment that produces and extracts nickel and its by-products, such as gold, silver, cobalt, precious metals, and others, as well as copper. I think they are nicely well diversified and I hope you don't plan on holding it long term so that you have to pay the dividend when it comes due.

One thing I know for certain, the globalists that own the political elite in western countries are bringing the pain to their citizens so with every last rule/regulation/dictate they are going to exacerbate either through supply/demand/inflation/whatever to exact the greatest penalty on the consumer. An example would be Xiden shipping LNG and oil from our SPR to Europe thereby driving up the prices stateside. And the examples are exploding exponentially.

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